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The Aerobika* Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) device is a drug-free, easy to use, hand-held device with a proprietary pressure-oscillation dynamic that provides intermittent resistance, creating positive pressure oscillations during patient exhalation.

The Aerobika* device can assist with opening weak or collapsed airways and can help to thin and loosen mucus, enabling it to move to the larger airways of your lungs, where it can be coughed out.


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See the difference 3-4 weeks of Aerobika* device use can make:1

Teal colour and intensity show areas with gas distribution. Yellow circles represent areas of greatest change after 3-4 weeks of Aerobika* device use.

Randomized cross-over study evaluating four-times daily Aerobika* device use after 3-4 weeks of treatment in COPD patients with chronic bronchitis. Hyperpolarized helium-3 (3He) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) ventilation in representative sputum producer.1

COPD Exacerbation

After a COPD exacerbation (flare-up), patient lungs may be weakened putting them at risk of another flare-up. According to Canadian data, 1 in 5 patients hospitalized for a COPD exacerbation require re-hospitalization within 30 days.

Clinical evidence using the drug-free Aerobika* device within 30 days of a COPD flare-up has been shown to significantly:

  • Reduce subsequent COPD exacerbation (flare-ups) by 28%
  • Reduce the use of Oral corticosteroids and antibiotics
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