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The new AeroChamber2go* chamber helps deliver inhaler medication where it is needed to work in your lungs.

  • 2 in 1 chamber and protective case
  • Proven to deliver medication better than your inhaler alone1,2
  • Works with your inhaler to help you breathe better
  • Designed and developed with the help of inhaler users
  • Ideal for adolescents and adults

Have you already purchased your chamber?

Your inhaler can be stored inside the chamber.

  • Easy to clean and all one piece
  • Remove the cap from the inhaler when storing it inside the chamber
  • The chamber can be used directly out of the package and should be cleaned weekly – chamber is dishwasher safe!
  • Designed to fit most commonly prescribed inhalers
  • Note: Does not fit round inhalers such as Airomir†, Qvar† or Alvesco†
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