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About Us

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Channels is a group of medical companies, uniting experts in the medical field to provide superior medical devices and services to the Healthcare Industry in Southern Africa.

At Channels we are committed to continuously sourcing and distributing the highest quality solutions to support and enable our partners in the medical field to be successful and perform to the highest standards. The solutions we provide mainly focus on the Neurodiagnostic, Neuro-monitoring, and Respiratory market.

We aim to build long-term, professional relationships and strive to provide the best value medical solutions. Ultimately, our goal is to continuously improve the medical field of South Africa, as leading medical technology partners. Our hands-on, practical, and scientifically proven solutions, empower medical practitioners and service providers to offer the highest level of care to their patients.

We operate in three main areas of healthcare delivery:

  1. Home Respiratory Care

  2. Hospital Technology

  3. Neuromonitoring and Diagnostics


Bakoni Medical - Channels Hospital Division


Bakoni Medical is the hospital division of Channels

It was formed in 2012 to expand a range of patient care solutions to healthcare professionals in the private and public sector, uniting experts in the medical device industry in South Africa and surrounding countries.


At Bakoni Medical, we are committed to continuously develop our portfolio, offering you the highest quality solutions to support and enable our clients in the medical industry to best support, treat, and monitor their patients.

Our solutions include respiratory treatment, patient monitoring, and support.

Zuha Ajlan, Wits Sleep Lab

"Thank you so much for all your help and support this year! I know for a fact that I can message/email and it would be resolved swiftly. You have been absolutely phenomenal and I appreciate you. Sometimes, even I am surprised by how swiftly I would get a response or have a matter resolved"
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