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  1. Payment terms are strictly: Payment on Order.

  2. Payment should reflect in our bank account before goods released.

  3. Standard delivery charges are applicable to Economy delivery (between 2 to 3 days). 

  4. "Carry-in-Warranty" apply on all products sold.

  5. Warranty is subject to manufacturer's product warranties only.

  6. All guarantees are immediately null and void should any equipment be tampered with or should the seals on the equipment be broken.

  7. Under no circumstances will the Seller be held liable for the below damages;

    1. misuse, abuse of products

    2. incorrect installation

    3. lightning

    4. power surges

    5. insect damage

  8. All services provided will carry no guarantee.

  9. Consumables cannot be returned or exchanged.

  10. If VAT Registered it is required to provide a copy of VAT Certificate.

  11. Only emails will be accepted as official communication.

  12. For all accounting queries, please email

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