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Arc Apollo+

Arc Apollo+

Arc Apollo+® is a wearable, wireless-capable EEG system that can be configured with 32 or 64-channel amplifiers and redeployed as needed for LTM, EMU, ICU, NICU, ER, clinical, traditional in-home ambulatory, and remotely monitored in-home video EEG studies.

Configure an Arc Apollo+ 32 or 64-channel amplifier with the Arc Apollo+ Recorder. These compact, lightweight, and rugged systems have EEG storage rates of up to 2000 Hz per channel. Ambulatory EEG patients can move freely with onboard rechargeable batteries, continuous data acquisition, and continuous impedance checking. The Arc Apollo+ amplifiers and recorder are rugged, drop-tested, and IP22 water-resistant.

As patient volumes fluctuate, Apollo+ amplifiers can be redeployed to meet your diverse needs with inpatient and in-home EEG monitoring. Multiple configurations are available to meet new CPT code requirements.

  • Ambulatory Clinical EEG with IP camera switching
  • Cart-based for Clinical EEG
  • Ambulatory in the EMU
  • Cart-based in the ICU
  • Wall-mounted in the NICU
  • In-home wireless ambulatory EEG with remote monitoring capabilities
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