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Vapotherm Oxygen Assist Module (OAM)

Vapotherm Oxygen Assist Module (OAM)

The Automatic Oxygen Controller for Vapotherm’s Precision Flow® System.


When Precise Oxygen Control Is Essential!

  • OAM assists staff in maintaining SpO2
  • When compared to manual control, OAM automated control can keep your patient in the target SpO2 range for a greater proportion of time.

From Premature Neonates To Adult Covid-19 Patients

Keeping your patients ‘SpO2 in range is crucial in avoiding clinical consequences of too high or too low SpO2, such as retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) in neonates, or pulmonary damage or vasoconstriction in certain critically ill adult populations.

Guidelines call for COVID-19 patients’ SpO2 target range ideally between 92-96%.  Keeping your COVID-19 patients in this narrow target range can be demanding, often requiring frequent manual adjustments to the FiO2. But OAM can help you improve oxygen control and meet your patients’ oxygen demands as they fight the disease and help improve their mortality outcomes.

  • Precise control of FiO2 delivery
  • Fast and easy set up.
  • May reduce time in SpO2 alarms and noise due to SpO2 alarms.
  • May reduce the amount of manual FiO2 adjustments needed, and allow nurses to spend more time with patients and families.
  • Facilitates kangaroo care of neonates without bulky interfaces.
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