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Vapotherm Precision Flow

Vapotherm Precision Flow

Deliver Oxygenation or Ventilatory Support at the Turn of One Button.

The Precision Flow Hi-VNI™ lets you deliver Mask-Free NIV® with its one blue button.

One Tool for Several Patient Needs

Control your FiO2, flow, and temperature parameters independently to precisely meet your patient’s needs. Adjust the FiO2 to affect oxygenation status (e.g., SpO2). Adjust the flow rate to affect the ventilatory work (work of breathing). Adjust the temperature for patient comfort.

Minimize Rainout, Deliver Humidity All the Way to the Patient

Designed to eliminate condensate, the Precision Flow system keeps medical gases energetically stable so that they can reach your patient. Unlike heated wire delivery tubes, the insulated, triple-lumen warm water jacket is designed for uniform heating and ensuring patients receive the optimal humidification and therapy they need.


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